About Us

    Founded in 1948, Hurme TV & Appliance has evolved during the last 64 years from a small radio and television business operated out of original owner Birger Hurme’s garage, to a successful and valued television and appliance sales and service establishment, housed in a 4000 square feet store front on a busy Main Street in Danielson, CT.

     In 1963, Richard Gaudreau, an employee of Birger Hurme, purchased the business. He enhanced the product line in 1977 to include the sales and service of appliances and expanded the business space twice – in 1978 and again in 1985. Upon Richard’s retirement, his son Michael Gaudreau, who had worked for Hurmes for over 20 years, purchased the business.

Micheal Gaudreau, Owner

Eric Smith, Service Manager

Arlene Hooper, Office Manager

Wayne Bryan, Technican

    Today, Hurme TV and Appliance is still a staple of its community. Competing with the big box stores and throw away products they offer. What's their secret? Offering quality products, at affordable prices, with top notch customer service. After all, with out customers, there is no business.

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